Digital Response Analysis in FastStats

It is possible to configure email responses for inclusion in the FastStats’ Communication History. This provides you with a full Communication History in one central place and includes campaign details, transactional response details and ESP interactions.

Once configured, the ESP information is usually held in a folder called Email Responses. In here, you can identify:

  • when the communication was delivered
  • when it was interacted with
  • the message name
  • the type of interaction – e.g. clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces etc.

The amount of information fed back to the FastStats’ Communication History depends on the ESP you are using.

To look at the email responses for a message name run over a time period:

  • Create a selection at the Email Responses level and drag and drop Message Name onto the selection

If a particular Message Name has been used more than once, you can also add the Delivery Date to refine the selection.

  • Drag and drop a Cube onto the selection and use dimension Message Type from the Email Responses folder

This will give you a breakdown of the email interactions for this campaign:

Email Responses Cube Analysis in FastStats


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