This section serves as a centralised hub for all Apteco integration documentation. Here, you can find comprehensive resources for integrating Apteco software with a wide range of systems and platforms.

Apteco email

Apteco email is a key feature of Apteco Orbit's end-to-end campaigning capabilities. You no longer need an external ESP. Create engaging emails effortlessly using the drag-and-drop email builder. Add these emails to your campaign journeys and preview your messages before sending, all within Apteco Orbit.

For more details see Apteco email.

If you would still like to use an external ESP for your mailing needs, then see the list below.

Choosing an external provider for email and SMS campaigning

For email and SMS campaigning, Apteco provides a wide range of choice and flexibility so that you can choose a digital provider with the best solution for your business.

The following table shows the level of integration offered by each digital provider.

  Media Data Fields Upload Download FTP
Digital Provider Email SMS User /
Pre Defined
Upload and
Auto Broadcast
Response By Tracked
FTP Site
Acoustic   User   Provider’s
Actito Pre        
Adestra   Pre   Own, Provider’s
Campaigner   User       Provider’s
Cheetah Digital   Pre           Own
CleverReach   User   Provider’s
Display Block   Pre        
Dotdigital Pre      
Dynmark   Pre            
Elaine   User        
Emarsys   User     Provider’s
Generic FTP Pre          
Instiller   Pre        
MailingWork   User        
Mapp   Pre   Own
Maxemail Pre           Provider’s
Optimizely Pre  
Pure360 User  
SailThru   User        
Salesforce   User     Provider’s
SparkPost   User    
  • Media - The media that the digital provider broadcasts.

  • Data Fields

    • User-defined - A user-defined integration meaning you can select variables at run time and create a personalised output based on specific requirements.

    • Pre-defined - A pre-defined integration meaning the output is defined by an administrator and will be structured to match the required field layout of the Digital Integrator's subscriber database. Typically, a list will contain standard and transactional data.

  • Upload

    • List Upload - Identifies whether you can upload a list to the provider for further processing.

    • Upload and Auto Broadcast - Identifies whether you can upload a list and automatically broadcast to a pre-defined message.

  • Download

    • Scheduled Response - Identifies whether the provider can collect responses (opens, clicks, etc.) on a scheduled basis.

    • Response By - Allows analysis on email responses by Communication Key (CK), Urn (U), Email Address (E) or SMS Number (S).

      Note: Salesforce with Data Extensions requires extra processing to return the Communication Key which increases the run times of the Response Gatherer.

    • Tracked Response - Identifies whether you can track and link individual responses to a particular broadcast.

  • FTP Site Required - Identifies if a provider or your own FTP site is required either for upload or download purposes.


Apteco software supports integrations across the following:

  • Email broadcasting

  • SMS messaging

  • WhatsApp

  • Social media platforms

  • CRM systems

  • Mobile push notifications

  • Customer review platforms

  • Programming languages


Apteco offers two powerful platforms for creating marketing campaigns.

  • Apteco Orbit

    Single-stage campaigning within a web-based application, enriched with analytics. You can define, schedule, and report on campaign journeys while integrating with email service providers and file/FTP output.

  • Apteco PeopleStage

    Robust multi-channel campaigning capabilities across all supported integrations. You can build, manage, and automate powerful campaign journeys across all your channels.

Note: For product-specific documentation, please refer to the Orbit or PeopleStage help.