Modelling Environment: Overview

This pre-modelling environment has been created to allow FastStats Modelling users to define multiple candidate selections and dimensions and then apply a subset to the Profile, Cluster or Decision Tree variables and see how the results compare.  This environment can then be saved and reloaded to keep in one place all the modelling decisions and experiments made by the user.

  1. Drag the Modelling Environment tool on to the workspace

Along the bottom of the window are 3 tabs:

Selections – this is where you can drag on the various selections you want to use as part of your modelling.  They can be designated as Analysis or Base selections.

Dimensions – this is where you drag on the variables you want to include as part of the modelling analysis and observe the association between them.

Results – this is where you can access any of the models you have generated through the Modelling Environment tool. The Power figure shown here is calculated as explained in the section Model Report: Response Chart .


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