Email Broadcast Integration - Overview

Release 1.10.00 - Email Broadcast Integration in Orbit

Email Broadcast Integration

You can upload and broadcast or upload only an Audience to one of the many email service providers (ESPs) Apteco already integrates with. Within Orbit, you can create a target Audience and then Export directly to an ESP.

See Apteco Integrations

For those with Apteco PeopleStage already licensed, an Orbit user can upload and broadcast to their chosen ESP and automatically record communication history for their Orbit campaign. They can also see the campaign automatically drawn in their PeopleStage instance in an Area called Apteco Orbit.

Those without a Campaigning bundle can still benefit from the integration, with the ability to upload only to a chosen ESP. Perfect for occasions where an email is required to be sent without personalisation or the need to track the success of the campaign in Apteco. Communication history is not recorded for those without a Campaigning bundle.

Once you Export your Audience to the ESP you can monitor the campaign in Orbit

See the Email Broadcasting in Orbit topic for more information.

Release 1.10.00 - Campaign Monitoring

Campaign Monitoring in Orbit Campaigns

Campaign Monitoring allows you to monitor the status of all campaigns within Orbit, whether created in PeopleStage or Orbit. You can now log into Orbit on your mobile, desktop or tablet device to see the status of running campaigns to ensure they are running as planned.

Email Broadcasting System Requirements

This release of the email broadcasting integration in Orbit requires the following prerequisites:

  • You must be using the Apteco Q1 2021 version

  • You will need to be an existing PeopleStage user to -

    • Configure Email Channels in PeopleStage to use in Orbit

    • Manage the Apteco Orbit Area in PeopleStage

You will be able to perform the tasks above from within Orbit in a future release of the email broadcasting integration.