Expression measures

FastStats expressions are used to calculate values for tables, cubes, and other visualisations. They can be used anywhere that there is a measure in a dashboard tile.

Note: This is an advanced feature for experienced FastStats users.

Note: As this is a measure, only numeric expressions can be used. Using queries or on-the-fly aggregations in the expression is not currently supported.

Adding an expression measure

To add an expression measure:

  1. Click Add Measure.

    If an expression can be added here, then the search dialog has an extra expression tab.

  2. Enter the Name for the expression.

    This is used elsewhere to identify the expression.

  3. The expression requires a counting table, and the text of the expression itself (Orbit validates the expression as you type).

  4. A valid expression calculates a value for each record on the counting table.

  5. Choose a function to use to summarise these values in each cell of the table.

    The example below creates a measure that displays the mean distance in miles from Apteco’s Warwick office for each region.

    You have now completed an expression measure.

    Note: Expressions can be used as Expression measures, or in Dashboard Filters.