Dashboard Filters

Dashboard User Filters

You can apply a dimension filter to the whole dashboard, you can filter on any Variables, Audiences, FastStats selections, or URN files in the system.

A dashboard creator will add tiles to a dashboard to tell a data story, occasionally a tile is used as a main filter for selecting which categories in a dimension to filter by.

This powerful feature should only be enabled when all users are familiar with the data model. If you only want to offer relevant dimensions, then it is better to use a predefined filter.

See Predefined Filters

Dimension Filters must be enabled in Application Settings by an administrator. See Dashboard Settings

Adding a Filter to the Dashboard

To add a Dimension Filter to a dashboard:

  • Click Search data in the filter box in the User Filters area

Add Dimension Filter

  • Select a dimension from the system to use

Add Dimension Filter

  • Click Apply

Add Dimension Filter

A filter block appears in the filters panel under User Filters with chips representing each category.

You can add more filters by repeating the above steps with different dimensions, you can also edit the selection once applied by clicking on a any chip.