Audience workbooks


As part of our drive to bring more analytics into Orbit, we’ve re-engineered Orbit audiences. This new audience functionality lays the groundwork for the implementation of more advanced analytics and visualisation features in Orbit.


The initial release of audiences supported a single, linear task flow, allowing you to create an audience, visually inspect its records, and export the data. In contrast, workbooks offer a more flexible approach to analysis, without these limitations.

Audience workbooks have a single audience selection with related visualisations that only display records from that audience. Orbit conveniently presents visualisations in a horizontal tab strip for ease of navigation. This functionality then extends over time to support train-of-thought analysis.

Immersive full-screen visualisations

In dashboards, tiles provide an easily digestible summary of information. Multiple visualisations on screen work together to provide an overview allowing the user to make informed decisions.

Audience workbooks will feature full-screen interactive visualisations that allow marketers to delve deeper into data. These dynamic visualisations are more engaging than dashboard tiles. Additionally, each visualisation tab will contain task-specific controls, conveniently located near the visualisation itself. Organising these controls in a logical and intuitive manner streamlines navigation and simplifies the analytical process.

By interacting with the data and asking questions, users can explore their content in more detail. The end result is an enhanced user experience that allows for deeper analysis of data.