Introduction to Campaigns

A Campaign is a series of linked Messages, interconnected with Pools where people wait until they are selected by an Audience for the next step.

PeopleStage allows you, the marketer, to fulfil a campaign brief and strike up a topic of conversation with recipients which might inform, persuade or remind them - your target audience - about the products and/or services you have to offer.

A campaign must be relevant (see Introduction to Customisation) to the recipient to stand any chance of being of interest, and timely (see Contact Strategy) to stand any chance of being engaging.

Whether the campaign requirement is to simply welcome new customers, or something more sophisticated, such as sending personalised messages depending on multiple actions, PeopleStage will allow you to visually design the stages of the campaign - and test them - before committing to running the campaign in a live environment.

See Creating a Campaign

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