Adding a New Pool

To add a Pool step to your campaign:

  • Drag and drop a New Pool from the Library and onto your editable campaign

Library New Pool

A Pool function can be used in conjunction with Journey Selections to delay people from moving on to the next stage of a campaign until after a set time has passed. It can also be used with Interaction Selections to prevent people from progressing through a campaign until they have interacted in a defined way - e.g. clicked on a link or opened an email.

While an individual remains in a campaign, they cannot enter the same campaign again. Consequently, if you are creating a campaign which requires that individual to enter again - e.g. to receive a booking confirmation or monthly offer - it would be best practice to ensure that no individual remains in the campaign pool(s) for an extended period.

This can easily be achieved using an additional Audience step together with a Pool Journey selection. The Pool Journey Selection allows you to specify a timeframe after which people should move.

Pool Journey Selection