Person Level Campaigning

Campaigning at the Person level is the most typical way to work in PeopleStage and the deduplication of records at the Person level ensures that each Message in a campaign only sends one communication per person.

To create a new Person level campaign:

  • Ensure that the area you wish to add the campaign to is in Plan mode
  • Drag and drop a New People campaign from the Library

Library New Campaigns

The new campaign will automatically be editable, allowing you to amend its default description and add the Library elements required to create the flow of your marketing message.

For a Person level campaign, PeopleStage selects the Person eligible for the campaign. Selections can be set at the household, person or transaction level, but it will always be the person meeting the criteria who is picked, and a person will only appear once in the output file created. Delivery Output Grid View

You can preview a sample of the output file using Requires Manual Approval

Subsequent Responses will be associated with the individual targeted.

Your system administrator uses icons to differentiate the different campaign levels. You see these in the Library, but the icon also appears ghosted in the bottom right of your campaign window for ease of reference

Person Level Campaign icons: