Optimising a set of Campaigns

You can set up a number of Optimised campaigns to compete within an Optimising Area, such that each individual only receives - at most - 1 per Optimisation Window, (or up to 5 per Optimisation Window for Q2 2020).

Added in Q2 2020 - Multiple Campaings

Campaign Optimisation now supports the allocation of an individual across multiple campaigns over a span of time. It can reserve up to 5 campaigns per person ensuring that they are included in their “Best” campaigns. See Multi Campaign Optimisation

All optimisation set-up is done via the Constraints view of the area containing the campaigns (which can be nested within sub-areas).

On the Constraints view of an area, select the Campaign Optimisation check box. This turns the area into what is known as an Optimising Area. An Optimising Area has a daily, weekly or monthly Optimisation Task associated with it, through which you can reserve records for the best campaign they are eligible for, as determined in the next Optimisation Window.

A number of sub-views are now available to configure the optimisation process and see the results of previous runs.

Getting Started

The Campaign Optimisation option appears when you apply an area level contact strategy:

See Area Level Customisation

At the area level, in Plan-Edit mode:

  • Navigate to and select the Constraints view in the top-right corner of the area view

Constraints View Icon

  • Select the Campaign Optimisation check box at the bottom of the screen

Constraints View Icon

You can now see and access the optimisation sub-views to configure and publish the “Optimisation Task”.

The View icons are highlighted until defined and validated.


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Added in Q2 2019