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Add a Contact Strategy

  • Right click in the constraint box and select Add Contact Strategy

Constraint Options

The Contact Strategy you select must:

  • be at the Campaign level (not Communication)
  • be set to a maximum of5 Campaigns
  • be set to per person

Added in Q2 2020 - PeopleStage can reserve up to 5 campaigns per person during each Optimisation run

Optimisation of Multiple Campaigns per Person

PeopleStage can plan the best 3 campaigns for an individual to receive in the next quarter while ensuring that they don't receive more than 1 every 14 days

Campaign Optimisation allocates individuals within a 24-hour, 7-day, or 13-week time window and your constraint must therefore be applied to a timeframe that is longer than the Optimisation Window.

The time frame can be anything broader than the time window. If set, for example, to 1 Campaign started per 1 week the Optimisation Task still runs every day and still plans 24 hours at a time, but individuals selected for say Monday will not be selectable for Tuesday’s campaigns.

Once you apply your Contact Strategy:

  • Click the Criteria view

Constraint Options

Any View icons are highlighted if they need to be defined and validated.


Added in Q2 2019