Introduction to Campaign Optimisation

Added in Q2 2020 - Multiple Campaings

Campaign Optimisation now supports the allocation of an individual across multiple campaigns over a span of time. It can reserve up to 5 campaigns per person ensuring that they are included in their “Best” campaigns. See Multi Campaign Optimisation

Added in Q3 2019 - Optimise over a longer Time Window

The optimisation process can now evaluate campaigns due to run within a window of up to 3 months and reserve records for the best campaign, as determined by the optimisation criteria. Previously the Optimisation Window was fixed at 24 hours.

Added in Q2 2019

Campaign Optimisation enables you to prioritise the Campaign an individual should receive in an Area where a particular Contact Strategy Constraint is in place.

There are two main cases:

  1. Campaign level, where each campaign is given a priority value that applies to all individuals indicating how important the campaign is
  2. Individual level, where every individual is given a suitability score for each campaign to indicate how likely they are to respond to that campaign

Campaign Level

Take, for example, a situation where - at most - you want individuals to receive one of three possible daily campaigns. The highest priority is a Birthday campaign, just for individuals whose birthday is today. The second priority is a Special Offers campaign, for selected individuals who qualify for some reason. The lowest priority is a Standard Newsletter for everybody else. Even if the Newsletter is sent out first in the day, Campaign Optimisation reserves people who are eligible for a higher priority campaign so that they receive this message later in the day.

Optimisation Campaign Level

Individual Level

Take, for example, a situation where an individual is to be sent one of three possible calls to action: Request for Donation, a Prize Draw, or a Lottery. Historic behavioural data and demographic data could be used to create a propensity score for each individual for each Campaign. This determines that a person should be selected for the campaign to which they are mostly likely to respond.

Campaign Optimisation cannot be applied to the Marketing Processes level or any areas which contain other optimised areas.

Campaign Optimisation is only applied to an initial campaign audience, not subsequent audience steps within a multi-stage campaign.

Optimised Area

SeeThe Campaign Optimisation Task Optimising a set of Campaigns