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The Optimisation Task is the process by which records are reserved for each Campaign. This is run according to the Optimisation Schedule, which is pre-set to be on a daily basis, but the user can decide when in the day it runs; typically this is after the deployment so that it uses the latest data. The start and end dates can also be set.

The Schedule sub-view determines how often the optimisation task will run to reserve records.

Added in Q3 2019 - Wider Range of Schedules

There is now a wider range of schedule options, so that the frequency of the Optimisation Task can be chosen in conjunction with the Optimisation Window.

Campaign Optimisation Schedule

Only users with admin permissions will see the Run Now - Live button



The Optimisation Schedule can repeat within the Optimisation Window and each run of the Optimisation Task will re-evaluate any future reservations.

The interval between runs can be no longer than the Optimisation Window, otherwise there would be gaps between successive windows.

Optimisation Timing

To determine when the daily optimisation task runs:

  • Select a time in the Run Optimisation task daily at: option

Ideally you should leave time for the Optimisation Task to complete before your first campaign schedule starts. If the Optimisation Task is not complete, campaigns within the Optimisation Window are locked* and only commence once the Optimisation Task is complete.

*Locked” means that all steps within a campaign are locked until the optimisation process is complete

Optimisation Period

An Optimisation Period can be defined; for example, if there is a seasonality to the optimisation, or a lifespan to the campaigns.

  • Select From and To and set the start and end dates respectively

Run Now – Test / Run Now - Live buttons

If necessary, you can manually override the campaign optimisation schedule and use the Run Now – Live button to force the process to run immediately.

Run Now - Test

Test allows you to experiment with different criteria, but still uses the live campaigns and other live details. This is the equivalent of publishing a campaign in the PeopleStage Test environment, here allowing you to explore the impact of different optimisation settings prior to committing the finalised settings into a Live publish.

The “Run Now” buttons can only be used for an Optimisation Task that has already been published. You can publish the optimisation without the activate schedule checkbox selected if you don’t want it to run in the live environment. If the “Run Now – Live” button has been used, the published daily schedule will not re-run again that day.


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Added in Q2 2019