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Results sub-view

The Results sub-view shows a list of the last 7 runs of the Optimisation Task for the area and shows the details of whichever run you select:

  • Each campaign is listed in a separate row in priority order. The numbered columns relate to the same campaigns, with the tooltip clarifying the name of each
  • The Reserved For and Reserved columns show the number of records reserved and the run time of the Campaign Audience is due to use these records
  • The Available column gives the total number of records that were available to be optimised – obtained by running the Audience for this Campaign without any volume constraints applied
  • The values in red in the Conflict Matrix show how many records were taken from a Campaign’s available count by another Campaign which had a higher priority
  • The Constrained column shows any records further removed as a result of Audience volume constraints

The Results sub-view details how the system is reserving records which are eligible for more than one campaign.

Results view after Run Now Test

A list of the most recent runs of the optimisation process displays at the bottom of the window, including the URN allocation.

  • Highlight a run to update the results table at the top of the window
  • Click the Refresh icon to update the display


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Added in Q2 2019