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To apply your optimisation settings to the Area:

  • Click Publish

Campaign Optimisation Publish

Added Q4 2019 - Publishing unloaded Campaigns

Unloaded campaigns are now correctly shown and can be published as part of an optimisation.

You need to publish the Optimisation Task into the live environment so that its schedule can be picked up and run on a regular basis. When you publish, because the task is associated with the area itself, that area is listed; because the optimisation task only evaluates live campaigns, you also have the option to publish these at the same time.

If the optimising area contains nested Areas with unloaded campaigns then PeopleStage is unable to detect these campaigns; it is the user’s responsibility to publish them.

The following warning will be issued if the optimising area contains other areas:

“The optimising area contains nested areas. Any campaigns in these areas that are already live or are to be optimised must also be published. PeopleStage is currently unable to detect these campaigns if they are not loaded, so it is the user’s responsibility to publish them. Publish the optimisation first and then publish/republish these campaigns.”

If you set optimisation on an existing Area, to optimise campaigns that are already live, you must republish these to add them to Optimisation Task, making the system aware that they are now “optimised campaigns”.

After an initial republish, you can publish subsequent changes to the optimisation criteria without having to republish them again.


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Added in Q2 2019