Channel Editor

Users with admin permissions can access this function and define different Channels to use within PeopleStage.

This help topic is a general overview, each Channel definition (Integration) is documented in detail and available from the Apteco Partner Portal (Login required), search for "Which Digital Service Providers does FastStats integrate with?" in the Knowledge Base.

Open the Channel Editor:

  1. Select - File > Administration > Channel Editor

The Channel Editor will list any existing defined channels under each channel type on the left:

  1. Use the Menu button to the right to Add, Import or Export a channel definition.

Channel Editor

  1. Select an existing row to edit the settings for a channel

Channel Settings

The Channel Settings tab defines the name of the channel

Channel Editor Channel Settings

Any required fields will be displayed in the Errors area, these will be different for each integration.

Output Settings

The Output Settings tab defines the Broadcaster API username and password and the main broadcast variables, the reply contact etc.

Channel Editor Output Settings

Select the Message Content Type from the drop-down e.g Broadcaster Template, this will be different for each Integration and tie in with the Creative template that is used by the broadcaster

File Settings

The File Settings tab defines the settings for the file to be uploaded.

Channel Editor File Settings

The default encoding is windows - 1252, most broadcasters use UTF-8

Parameter Settings

The Parameter Settings tab defines the API required account parameters and any optional parameters to modify how the broadcast is handled.

Channel Editor Parameter Settings

Select from the drop-down menu, and click Add, when all the required parameters have been defined the errors will clear

Additional Variables

The Additional Variables tab defines the optional variables that you wish to dynamically include in your communication and any overrides to match the variable to the broadcaster's requirements.

Channel Editor Additional Variables

Cost Settings

The Cost Settings tab defines the item cost/s which can then be used in reports.

Channel Editor Cost Settings

When you have completed the Channel definition click Save & Close to close the editor.

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