Creative Template Editor

PeopleStage uses a template to send SMS messages, you create the message content in the Creative Template Editor with placeholders (Parameters) to be replaced by FastStats variables.

Release Q1 2022 - WhatsApp collaboration with Syniverse

The Creative Template is also used to add a WhatsApp approved message to send to WhatsApp, see the topic for more information.WhatsApp

Open the Creative Template Editor:

  1. Select - File > Administration > Creative Template Editor
  2. Click New Creative Template

Creative Template Editor

  1. Enter a Name and Description

Creative Template Editor Blank

  1. In the content area create your message to merge with PeopleStage, use double curly braces {{…}} to define the FastStats Variables to use in the message.

Creative Template Editor Message Area

If the variable does not exist the default value from the Parameters area will be used

  1. Click Save and Close

Creative Templates

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