Reporting In FastStats - Introduction

The reports in PeopleStage are intended to give easy access to some of the more commonly required results. It is also possible to use FastStats to access and analyse the history in more detail, and in a more flexible way (e.g. a Venn diagram across multiple campaigns).

The diagram above shows how PeopleStage has access to both the SQL database and the FastStats system. FastStats Designer typically runs overnight to load the PeopleStage history into your FastStats system.

There is a standard design which an administrator can use to give you a standard set of variables. The history is divided into the Communications that people have received and the Journeys that they have taken as they move through the Pools in a Campaign.

PeopleStage Communications and Journey History in FastStats

The results in PeopleStage are typically available immediately, with some exceptions. The results in FastStats generally lag behind and are only available after the system has been rebuilt.

Summary of Data Available in PeopleStage Reports

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