Social Media Exclusion Audience

Added in Q1-2021 - Social Media Exclusion Audiences (this is a beta feature)

Introducing Exclusion Audiences in PeopleStage

When creating Social Ads, PeopleStage users can utilise the data held in FastStats in the creation of a tailored Custom Audience. This list of customers/prospects can be uploaded as part a Social Ad campaign as either the Target Audience or the Audience for the platform to base their lookalike processing on.

When selecting lookalikes to be targeted, the platform will consider individual users who meet the demographic and interests of the Audience uploaded. However, an exclusion list is usually required to be uploaded to the platform to ensure that complainers, opt outs, or even recent purchasers are not included in this lookalike selection.

PeopleStage can create a file from multiple selections built in FastStats and apply it to the Exclusion area on the Delivery step of a Social Ad campaign.

See the following topics on how to use the Exclusion Audiences in each of the Platforms: