Twitter Direct Messages

Publish Direct Messages allows a campaigner to publish a private direct message to a list of people to their Twitter Handles or Twitter UIDs.

Your FastStats Designer Model must include Twitter Uids

  • Drag and drop a New People Campaign into your Campaign Area.

Twitter Direct Messages are different to other Twitter posts as it uses People Campaign

PeopleStage People Campaign - Library

The Twitter Direct Message campaign has the People Watermark in the bottom right hand side of the campaign window.

Twitter People Campaign

  • Once a Campaign Area has been created, look to the library to start designing your campaign:

  • Drag and drop a New Audience onto your blank Campaign


A Twitter Direct Message uses a FastStats Selection.

Twitter Selection

  • Drag and drop the applicable Selection from the library into the campaign

Twitter Selection


  • Drag and drop a New Message from the Library‚Äôs Message Processes folder into the campaign and draw a line from the Audience to the Content step within the Message.

New Message


Twitter Content

Add the following information into the Content step using the following labels

  • Title - This is not visible on the Tweet but is the name of the Tweet sent to Twitter

  • Text - This is the text which will appear in the Tweet

  • Image - URL of the Image - required

  • Media - URL of the video content - required


  • Click on the Delivery step within your campaign to zoom and centre it on the screen.

  • From the Deliveries folder in the Library, choose the applicable social channel which has been set up for the Twitter Handle.

Twitter Message in Library

  • Drag and drop the channel into the Delivery step in your campaign

Twitter Delivery

A preview of the post will automatically display in the Delivery step.

In the bottom right of the Delivery step is an envelope icon, this also allows you to preview the post before sending it

Twitter Preview