Introduction to Apteco Orbit™

Apteco Orbit™ is our web platform for deploying dashboards, analytics, visualisations, targeting, campaigns, and reporting functions.

Orbit allows you to:

  • Create and share dynamic dashboards that support visual data interrogation and selection

  • Assemble target groups with powerful selections across multiple tables

  • Define, schedule, and report on campaign journeys integrating with email service providers and file/ftp output

  • Report your insights by sharing storyboards of analyses and visualisations

  • Monitor PeopleStage campaign activity

This Orbit functionality is managed via Dashboards, Audiences, Campaigns, and Collections/Storyboards. Each of these areas are described in more detail below.

Introduction to Dashboards

Dashboards are interactive information displays which you can use to share information about the customers and operational activity in your Apteco data.

Dashboards are essentially visualisations created to display the chosen relevant data.

Introduction to audiences

The Audiences tool is part of the analytical capability of Apteco and has access to all the data held in your FastStats system.

In Audiences you can take a marketing brief and, driven by selection rules, query your data in order to pull counts and create a list that represents your target audience. Although simplified, Audiences is still powerful enough to combine data tables, inclusion and exclusion logic, and apply limits and grouping constraints within a single selection of records.


Introduction to Campaigns

As part of the configuration of Orbit, a PeopleStage campaign history and schedule overview can be added. This allows you to see the number of campaigns and volumes run from PeopleStage over particular time periods – by default, backwards by 12 months from today’s date.

Introduction to Collections

The Apteco Marketing Suite provides you with many ways to analyse, visualise and express patterns in your data. You might choose a Cube to show a cross tab of data that describes a selection or combine the power of FastStats and Excel to refresh and describe data using Excelsior.

The capability of FastStats also includes the Storyboard ribbon bar through which you can prepare and share insight as a set of sequenced and annotated results; Cubes, Data Grids, Venn diagrams and seven different chart types from the Charting tool are all supported.

Orbit is platform independent so you can log in from your mobile, tablet or desktop and select the tool you want from the home screen which, when configured, presents the options.