Channel Editor - Introduction

Campaigning Channel Editor

Using the Campaigning Channel Editor, you can set up new or manage existing email channels in Apteco for campaigning in Orbit or PeopleStage.

You can manage the whole process of setting up a broadcast channel, creating an Audience, then sending a one-off broadcast from within Orbit:

Channels can be configured to Upload and Broadcast, or Upload Only

A system Administrator uses the Channel Editor to create new, or manage existing broadcast channels

Orbit users can either; use an existing Audience, analyse Dashboards to create an Audience, or create a new Audience, then using the email broadcast integration in the Audience Export step select an Upload and Broadcast channel. Orbit users can then send a one-off email for immediate broadcast

Orbit will create a Campaign which can be monitored to confirm it sent successfully

Optionally Orbit users can use an Upload Only, channel to upload the list to the broadcaster and then schedule the send using the broadcaster's web panel

You can use Orbit or PeopleStage to create or manage channels. Only one administrator can use the Channel Editor in a system at the same time. For other administrators, it will be Checked-Out in PeopleStage or marked as Read-Only in Orbit.

CAUTION - This guide assumes you have access to the required information and the relevant administration experience to perform this task, particularly with preparing your broadcaster. If you do not, contact your Apteco partner or the Apteco support team. Additionally, you need to have Access to the broadcaster's web-based control panel and obtain all the relevant information. You also need to understand how to setup your broadcaster and have the relevant details to hand.

We take care to keep information up to date. There may be changes to the broadcaster’s API. If in doubt, contact your support department.

Steps to create an email channel

Creating and Email Channel Steps

The Chanel Editor allows you to configure the following:

  • Basic Details - Name, Broadcaster, and API connection credentials

  • Broadcast Parameters - Configure the parameters required by the ESP

  • Output Settings - Settings to use for each output

  • File Settings - Configure the file settings, CSV, Zipped, Encoding etc.

  • Additional Variables - Append any additional variables and how they are presented to the ESP to match the broadcaster template requirements

Every email channel integration starts in the broadcasters account web panel. You must access your existing broadcaster's web panel, or set up a new account.

Please refer to the Before you Begin page for your broadcaster for information specific to that ESP and tips on what to do before creating a channel.

Documentation and Reference

Every integration has different functionality and we are updating to provide as much useful documentation for each integrator as possible. In the meantime we have placed links and information to existing documents in the following locations: