About the Message Step

Once you have defined Who you are going to target in the campaign using an Audience Step, you can move to the Message Step to define the What and the How:

  • What are you going to communicate to this target group?
  • How are you going to deliver the message?

Within a Message, the Content step defines the What and the Delivery step defines the How.

The Message step allows you to personalise the communication by adding information into the Content step to be output.

The Delivery defines the required communication channel, whether that be uploading a file to a mailing house, an ESP or social media platform – or a combination of multiple channels simultaneously.

Content Step

Delivery Step

As part of your Message, it is possible to define what a transactional response to your marketing looks like. This is achieved using a New Responses step. Once defined, PeopleStage will monitor transactions made against the rules you define.

For more information see Defining a Transactional Response