Within a campaign, there are two types of responses most commonly tracked:

  • Digital Responses – these are recipient interactions with the communication itself – e.g. opened an email, liked a Facebook post
  • Transactional Responses - any transactional actions made as a result of receiving the communication – e.g. booked a holiday

Digital Responses

PeopleStage can track digital response interactions - such as clicks, opens, bounces - as a result of broadcasting the campaign using the software. This is completed using the FastStats Email Response Gatherer (FERG) which must be set up during the PeopleStage/channel integrations.

PeopleStage will only be able to gather responses from channels that are set to Upload and automatically broadcast. This setting can be configured within the Channel Editor and is visible in the channel when added to a message Delivery step. See Channel Editor and Email Channel

Transactional Responses

You define transactional type response interactions using a Responses step within your Message. By creating and using Response Selections, you create the transactional call to action for your communication. For example, this could the purchase of a specific product, or perhaps a request for a catalogue.

Selections created with variables from the transactional table are used for the response definition, and a Response Time Window is also defined on the response step to set the length of time over which PeopleStage should monitor and attribute responses to the campaign.

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