Digital Response Reporting

As a campaign runs its Delivery step, PeopleStage uploads the output file to the ESP. If the option to Upload and automatically broadcast is configured, the ESP immediately sends out the email. If configured to Upload only, the email must be activated via the ESP website.

You can use the PeopleStage Email Response Reports to monitor the activity of your email broadcast. This report is populated with information pulled back via the FastStats Email Response Gatherer (FERG), running on an admin-defined schedule to periodically download event information from the email broadcaster. This enables PeopleStage to both report and act (e.g. move people) on events, such as a click, within a matter of minutes.

In the campaign window:

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  • Select the Results View thenEmail Response Report

Email Response Report

In addition to the number of emails sent, any opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes are recognised and reported upon.

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