Chart Options

Added in Q3 22

When you select and tag dimensions - let's say for example those with a high Uplift PWE - you can investigate further by visualising using the Associations chart which, in turn, might enable the selection of a set of diverse dimensions for use in a model.

Selected dimensions are automatically flagged with a marker. The chart below confirms that dimensions 9-14 are closely related, and that they are all features which count how many activities a person has reserved for their holiday:

There are further options available to configure the display of charts. These are accessed by clicking the “…” button.

The options in the top section relate to the bar charts which display a single dimension at a time and enable you to sort the category bars by a choice of statistics.

The options in the lower section relate to the scatter charts of multiple dimensions:

  • The selected dimensions can be further highlighted using a separate colour by selecting the check-box.

  • Alternatively, the dimensions can be coloured by some other attribute, such as the transactional table which they are based on, or the criteria which they use.

    • Having tagged the selected dimensions, you could use the tag property as a way of easily highlighting this subset of dimensions which you are investigating further.

  • By default, charts show dimensions which have a tick in the “Use” column. However, you could narrow down your choice and just display dimensions which you have tagged with “Tag 1”.

    • For these dimensions you could then perhaps colour based on some detailed attributes such as “Criteria"

Added in Q2 23

Scatter charts can display bubbles to show both the Insight PWE (using colour) and Insight Coverage (using size). When you select to colour by Insight PWE in the Chart options dialog, the size is then automatically based on Insight Coverage.

This makes it easier to choose between dimensions of similar Insight PWE – since generally higher coverage is preferable, given that the PWE is similar.


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