Journey builder


You can plan and execute campaign journeys via Orbit. From single-stage campaigns to advanced multi-stage journeys, you can use Orbit audiences to decide who to include and exclude in your target segments.

Note: If you are also using Apteco PeopleStage for your more complex campaigning needs, then Orbit also displays your PeopleStage campaigns to help you monitor them. If your PeopleStage campaigns are compatible with the functionality in Orbit, you can then edit them in the platform. All campaigns built in Orbit can also be accessed, edited, and republished via PeopleStage.

Note: To use journey builder, you must have the Apteco Broadcaster license or above, and at least the Q1 2023 of Apteco software installed to use percentage limits functionality.

Working with campaigns in Orbit

The campaigns tab in Orbit allows you to see all of your campaign journeys you have set up in Orbit and PeopleStage. Each tile is a campaign summarising the campaign status. This status includes when the campaign was last run, its schedule information, and which communication channels are in use.

Filtering and searching for campaigns

You can filter campaigns using the filter and search panel, to the left of the campaign tab.

Campaigns can be filtered based on their status:

Successful, errored, needs approval, or not yet published. Campaigns can also be filtered by; first run date, last run date, and next run date.

To filter a campaign:

  1. Use the radio buttons to choose which status you wish to use as a filter.

  2. Use the drop down menus underneath the run frequencies to filter the campaigns.

To search for a campaign:

  1. Type the name of the campaign. The number of campaigns on screen reduces until the ones beginning with or containing those words is displayed.

  2. Select the relevant campaign(s).

Info: You can also tab through the pages of campaigns using the page navigation.

Deleting a campaign

You can delete a campaign from the campaign screen using the ellipses button on each campaign tile.

Once deleted, the campaign is deactivated from recording any further communication history and deleted from campaigns.

Note: By deleting a campaign in Orbit, you also delete the campaign in PeopleStage.

Viewing a journey

You can view a campaign journey by using the ellipses menu on a campaign tile. The journey is viewed in read only mode or view mode.

Note: View Journey only displays campaigns that are compatible with the current Orbit journey builder. Campaigns made in PeopleStage may not be currently supported by the journey builder and won’t appear in this view.