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Added in Q2 2020 - Multiple Campaigns

Campaign Optimisation now supports the allocation of an individual across multiple campaigns over a span of time. It can reserve up to 5 campaigns per person ensuring that they are included in their “best” campaigns.


Added in Q4 2019 - URN ordering variable as part of Campaign Optimisation

A variable can now be specified to score all URNs in your optimised campaigns. When a campaign has more URNs available to it than its constraint would allow, we now order the URNs and take those that score highest. This allows us to not only prioritise campaigns with common audiences, but prioritise the URNs that are allocated to those campaigns.

Added in Q4 2019 - Choose if high/low is best for fixed priority Optimisation

When using a fixed priority optimisation, users now have the option to choose whether a higher or lower value signifies a more important campaign.

See Optimisation Types

Added in Q4 2019 - Handling of deactivated Campaigns

Deactivated campaigns are now clearly marked on the strategies view and the publish dialog. They are now forcibly deselected when planning optimisation and can’t be selected as part of the Publish step.

Added Q4 2019 - Publishing unloaded Campaigns

Unloaded campaigns are now correctly shown and can be published as part of an optimisation.

See Publish

Added in Q3 2019 - Campaign Optimisation Improvements

Optimise over a longer Time Window

The optimisation process can now evaluate campaigns due to run within a window of up to 3 months and reserve records for the best campaign as determined by the optimisation criteria. Previously the Optimisation Window was fixed at 24 hours.

The Plan and Live views can be toggled using the control on the optimisation screen.

Schedule View

There is now a wider range of schedule options, so that the frequency of the optimisation task can be chosen in conjunction with the optimisation window.

Added in Q2 2019

Campaign Optimisation enables you to prioritise the Campaign an individual should receive in an Area where a particular Contact Strategy Constraint is in place. See Introduction to Campaign Optimisation