Orbit Release Notes 2023

Our Orbit development team works using fortnightly sprints. This helps us get the newest features to you as soon as they are ready.

24 January 2023

Version 1.11.3

New Features


  • You can now choose from a number of background colours to apply to a dashboard tile. This new setting available via the Tile Editor, under the Tile Options menu, allows you to create visual separation between different areas on the dashboard.

    See Tile User Options, Setting Dashboard Tile Background Colours.

  • You can now choose not to send notification emails when sharing Dashboards and Audiences. See Sharing an Audience, Opt out of sharing notification.

  • Sharing to unregistered user email addresses is now disabled when self registration is disabled.

  • We've added a 'copy link' button to the share dialog to make accessing the URL easier.


  • We've improved the refresh time on the campaign summary screen.

  • We've improved the response times for campaign statistic retrieval once a campaign has been published.


  • We've refactored Orbit home page typography to align with new Orbit typography standards.

  • We've refactored the login/register pages to align with new Orbit typography standards.

  • We've refactored the selector variable dialog so that all columns can now be toggled via checkboxes.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue preventing modification of dashboard base queries.

  • Fixed an issue causing added filters to reduce number card font size.

  • Fixed an issue preventing action menus from being considered when viewing dashboard items in edit mode.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the system table from being updated when visiting an already loaded audience.

  • Fixed an issue causing the audiences Back button to navigate you to the main audience page, rather than the previous page you were on.


  • Fixed an error occurring when logging into Orbit campaigns using Safari 15.

  • Fixed an incomplete error message being displayed when publishing an invalid campaign.

  • Fixed an issue preventing campaign error text from wrapping correctly.

  • Fixed an issue causing a schedule set for 'next run' to retrieve only the date that it will run, not the time.

  • Fixed an issue causing campaign search list duplication.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the publication of an errored campaign.


  • Fixed an issue causing no default number of log entries to remain set when writing log entries to a database.

  • Fixed an issue causing excessive vertical white space on tall devices when viewing the selector variable dialog.

  • Fixed an issue causing unintended full stops to appear on the reset password page.

11 January 2023

Version 1.11.2

New Features


  • You can now import selector variable values for selection or suppression in Orbit. This allows you to choose a file containing selector codes to be uploaded. You can then use the matching codes to include or suppress records in audiences or dashboard filters.

    Note: Importing selector values requires FastStats Server version Q4 2022 or later.

    An example benefit of this enhancement would be to upload a list of Postcode Sectors to define an ad-hoc sales territory. See Importing Selector Values for Selection or Suppression.

  • Orbit dashboard users now have caching for dashboard tiles that use Virtual Variables (except dynamic VVs). Row filters are also enabled by default, improving the performance when returning results for these tiles.

  • We've updated the dashboard header buttons to align with the rest of the Orbit UI.


  • We've extended region choices for Apteco Cloud profiles to include Germany (Frankfurt).



  • Fixed an issue causing the Save button to clip settings text in Chrome on Android devices.

  • Fixed an issue causing an apostrophe in shared dashboard email titles to display incorrect characters.

  • Fixed an issue preventing stacked column charts in themes preview from populating successfully.

  • Fixed an issue causing the stay and save dialogue to appear in themes, even with no changes made.

  • Fixed an issue in collections causing users with no surname to have their usernames displayed as 'undefined'.

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrectly styled notes on dashboard tiles.

  • Fixed an issue causing dashboard logos and themes in dashboard previews to be incorrectly styled.

  • Fixed an issue preventing a preload message from displaying when loading audiences.

  • Fixed an issue causing audience exports to display incorrectly on the next run.

  • Fixed an issue preventing newly created audiences from displaying the correct count in an audience list.


  • Fixed an issue causing campaign information to spill out of the tile if a campaign name is too long.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the correct font from being displayed for the broadcaster input text in the channel editor.

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect padding for completed steps in campaign monitoring.

  • Fixed an issue causing the dropdown boxes in the channel editor to be too wide.

  • Fixed an issue causing the view/hide password icon in the channel editor to be misaligned.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the next run from being correctly defined for unknown schedules.


  • Fixed an issue preventing the OrbitAPI URL from working correctly when a trailing slash hasn't been specified.

See also Orbit Release Notes 2022.